Education for All

Education is one of the most powerful tools in breaking the cycle of poverty

There are almost 35 million children that are unable to attend schools in Africa, compared to over 28 million children in Asia and rest of the world standing at 12 million. Therefore, in the third world and developing countries, education could be the key tool to break the vicious poverty cycle. Education allows people to develop the technical and leadership skills which help the poor to come out of the poverty trap.

Every child has the right to education, but many children are excluded because of high costs, language and cultural barriers, geographical remoteness, or special needs.

Human Aid Organization works to ensure free and equal access to quality education at all times, including in emergencies, as well as access to learning for young people so they can reach their full potential.




Human Aid Organization Educational Achievements

Human Aid Organization ® is running  technical education center in Bhitaiabad, Gulistan-e-jauhar, block-9, Karachi, East, Sindh, Pakistan on a volunteer  basis collaboration with Sindh social welfare association department Karach,, where thousands of students are attaining their Technical and Vocational education. We have invested considerable resources to ensure the highest level of quality free education is available to the poor as well as providing school uniform, textbooks and free travel.

We also provide opportunities to attain education and continue the normal learning routine even during natural disasters or emergencies. In such difficult circumstances disruptions arise in all aspects of daily life including education. However, we believe that disasters or emergencies should not be a hindrance and therefore Human Aid Organization ® ensures that children should learn their technical education in the event of such calamities by providing “Technical Training Center” to keep the routine of education alive.


Technical Education